Herbert Hainer comments venomously on Süle’s move to BVB

After the surprising move from Niklas Süle to competitor Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern initially did not comment publicly on the national player’s signature. FCB President Herbert Hainer broke the silence on Tuesday – including spikes against BVB.

When it became known in January that Niklas Süle would be leaving FC Bayern for free in the summer after five years together, there was disagreement within the club about the severity of the loss.

While several current and former officials gave the impression that they did not shed a tear for the centre-back, captain Manuel Neuer made a clear commitment to his team-mate, whose departure he described as “annoying for all of us”. You will miss Süle, emphasized the keeper.

Herbert Hainer: Change to BVB “no sporting advancement”

On Monday it was finally announced where the national player was going – namely to Bundesliga arch-rival BVB. There, the signature of the 26-year-old was euphorically celebrated, while FC Bayern initially refrained from commenting.

The day after, club president Herbert Hainer gave an initial assessment of the deal.

“I don’t know what Niklas Süle gets for a salary at Borussia Dortmund,” said the 67-year-old at an appointment with the club’s basketball players, but added pointedly: “I don’t think it’s a sporting promotion.”

FC Bayern: Herbert Hainer’s challenge to BVB

“I didn’t think it would be his first choice,” Hainer admitted, referring to Sule’s move to BVB. “I think Dortmund are always looking to compete with us, which is good for the Bundesliga. But as you’ve seen over the past nine years at least, we know how to defend ourselves and we will continue to do so in the future.”

Before his announced move, Süle had complained about allegedly too little appreciation by Munich. “I can only speak of myself and the people at FC Bayern that I deal with every day: We all valued him and know what we have in him. You have to ask him what he means by that,” said Hainer . It will be “exciting to see him on the other side.”

Hainer does not fear a slump in Süle’s performance: “Niklas is a very good player who has developed into a regular player in the national team in the last five years. I assume that he has really put his foot down in the last three months so that he can can bring us the titles that we all have in front of us.”


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