He already did it with Curry, now it will be with LeBron and AD: Juan Toscano-Anderson flatters the figures and anticipates his role in the Los Angeles Lakers

After his arrival at the Los Angeles Lakers, Juan Toscano-Anderson spoke about his role in the team, in addition to leaving a compliment for LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

2022 has been a dream for the player with Mexican origins, Juan Toscano-Anderson. He was champion with Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curryand now he will continue his career NBA playing alongside, nothing more and nothing less, than Lebron James in Los Angeles Lakers.

He earned his place with legitimate minutes in the best basketball league in the world with much effort and sweat. After being in the Mexican league, he reached the G-League to play with Santa Cruz Warriors. From there he began to climb and landed a position at Golden State.

The fact that they did not make a qualified offer on his contract was a blessing disguised as disgrace, because they the Lakers who quickly signed him for the veteran minimum of $1.9 million. Now, he will have a new opportunity to stand out in a prestigious franchise, and he talked about it this Wednesday.

Juan Toscano-Anderson at Lakers

“It’s one of the most important things, of course”Toscano-Anderson told Mike Trudell, regarding will concentrate on his specialty, the defensive side. “Coach Ham really emphasizes how we’re going to play basketball, how we’re going to approach it.”


JTA, who admitted to being a fan of Kobe Bryant, sees his role as one of support for the stars, as he did with Curry. He now he plans to do it with LeBron and Anthony Davis. The unicorns will be the unicorns. LeBron will be LeBron, AD will be AD… the rest of us(we will have to support them)he explained.

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