He agreed with LeBron James: Stephen Curry confessed if anyone can stop him in the NBA

When choosing the players who changed the way the game is played NBA few candidates generate a massive consensus and one of them is Stephen Curry, who made impossible shots possible with long distance triples. the same Lebron James recognized it.

In the NBA 2021-22 season, Curry became the highest triple in history, exceeding Ray Allen’s 2,973 3-pointers and once again he showed that when he is on it is almost impossible to be stopped in the best basketball in the world.

Stephen Curry revolutionized social networks by answering questions from NBA fans and the GQ Sports (Sports) portal published a video in which he made unmissable revelations such as who is better shooter among ‘The chef’ and Klay Thompson.

In the pre-NBA Finals 2015, LeBron James was clear and forceful in answering if there is any way to stop Curry in the NBA. A few years later, Stephen agreed with him and confirmed what ‘The king’ thought: To the ‘Chef’ eIt’s impossible to stop him when he’s on by throwing the ball.

He agreed with LeBron: Curry confessed if anyone can stop him in the NBA

How can you stop Stephen Curry? What did Bron say that time? You do not know? I like that line. I had to steal it from him, I like that one “, Stephen Curry confessed to agree with Lebron James: They can’t stop it!


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