HBL regrets continuation of viewer restrictions

The Handball Bundesliga (HBL) regrets the decision by politicians to continue the existing spectator regulation. “We therefore see a major situation that endangers sport as a whole, which also represents unequal treatment compared to many other areas,” said managing director Frank Bohmann to “SID” on Tuesday. In the German professional leagues, it is still only allowed to play in front of a few or no fans at all.

The HBL hopes “that we can persuade the prime ministers to make a decision that is fair to life and does justice to all circumstances at the next MPK meeting”. The federal and state governments had only agreed on Monday at the Prime Ministers’ Conference (MPK) with a view to major national events on a “consistent” continuation of the current measures.

“All sports leagues have proven that they have organized their events extremely responsibly and without any danger to spectators,” said Bohmann. Due to the 2G or 2G Plus conditions “the vulnerable target groups to be protected would not expose themselves to any danger”. Since the beginning of December, only a capacity of 30 to 50 percent and a maximum of 5000 spectators has been allowed for indoor sporting events.

The HBL will start playing again on February 9th.


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