Hard blow for Stephen Curry and Warriors: The seriousness of Draymond Green’s injury was confirmed

Golden State Warriors it’s not alone Stephen Curry. One of the main reasons for the Dubs to fight for the first places in the Western Conference is Draymond Green, who has the great ability to influence the game in such a way that he can be a figure without scoring a large number of points.

When Green best played in the season NBA 2021-22 and was consolidated as one of the top candidates to win the award for Defensive Player of the Year An unexpected injury came that did not let him play for a single minute in the return of Klay Thompson.

On Sunday, January 9, 2022, everything was joy and emotion at the Golden State Warriors because Klay Thompson returned to the NBA after 941 days without playing a single game, but only a few seconds passed and Draymond Green retired from the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The alarms went off for Curry and company!

As reported by the official Twitter account of the Warriors, Green has been evaluated by specialists to know what is the origin of the pain you have in your left calf and after an MRI in the lower part of the back it was confirmed the severity of Draymond’s injury. Big blow to Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors!

The severity of Draymond Green’s injury in the 2021-22 NBA was confirmed

“Evaluations indicated that pain/tension in the left calf is related to the involvement of a disc in the lower back. Draymond will receive physical therapy in the next few days and will continue to be monitored by team personnel. It will be reassessed again in two weeks.” Golden State Warriors said about the injury of Green.

Draymond Green’s injury (Photo: @warriors)


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