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Outstanding Apple Arcade Games to Play in 2023

Due to their accessibility—everyone has a phone now—mobile phones have evolved into gaming platforms. Furthermore, modern smartphones and tablets have more than enough capability to run even the most demanding games flawlessly.

For many individuals, the introduction of Apple Arcade last year was incredibly exciting. Apple offers a continually expanding selection of fantastic games to keep on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV and play with a controller for $5 per month. Apple Arcade provides gamers with access to more premium, well-made original content for the same price as Apple TV+ does for movie and TV aficionados.

These are the Apple Arcade games that are currently worth playing.

Assemble With Care

Assemble With Care puts the same kind of relaxing puzzle-solving enjoyment found in the other games from the creators of Monument Valley into chores as commonplace as mending a tape recorder or emptying a luggage.

Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness features endearing visuals, unexpected remixes of straightforward yet stylish deep strategy systems, and mechanics for number-based card games. It’s roughly what we’ve come to anticipate from Zach Gage, the creator of other indie mobile classics like SpellTower and Really Bad Chess.

Cat Quest II

Skyrim with cats was the theme of the original Cat Quest, which somehow succeeded. Similar to its predecessor, Cat Quest II is an approachable but extremely in-depth and compelling action-RPG. You and a pal can play together this time.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe

This game is a fresh twist on the clever 3D spatial puzzles from the Sega Dreamcast original. Sincerely, I’m so happy that this series is back.

Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road is similar to Frogger if a chicken were the object of the game. It developed into a fantastic mobile game for everybody, including youngsters. You play as the chicken navigating more traditional platforming stages in an infinite tower rather than traversing endless highways. Despite the genre switch, the game is still a lot of fun.


EarthNight is essentially an automatic runner, one of the most popular game genres for mobile devices, where you fall from the sky and the game is occasionally divided up into sections. However, you are drawn in by the freshness of the art, the originality of the music, and the fluidity of the dance. Additionally, you get to use a sword to stab a dragon in the eye.

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is not just a fantastic continuation of Enter the Gungeon. Additionally, it keeps the original’s ability to combine straightforward 2D venues with intricate and exciting gunfight mechanisms. The screen in this game actually makes firefights more simpler.


In the intriguing matching-blocks game Grindstone, you might occasionally worry about the blocks biting back. However, there is also the pleasurable carnage caused by your fictional hero slaying those beasts. It’s a popular game on the Apple Arcade, and for good reason.

Manifold Garden

It took many years to develop Manifold Garden. It becomes apparent why once you start playing it. Moving through this challenging geometry looks like a dreamy ease. But making these bizarre riddles was a real stress nightmare.


This is a complex tale about a melancholy journey through a breathtaking setting. It’s as if Annihilation had a chill out remake in the form of Night in the Woods. If you guys get these references, you’ll really enjoy it.

Neo Cab

Neo Cab takes you to a future world where you compete to be the last human driver among automated ride-sharing services while also looking for your lost friend. It’s incredibly amazing to be able to manipulate your emotional state when choosing dialogue.

Oceanhorn II

https://youtu.be/noYZ Any-jE

While The Wind Waker and other Legend of Zelda games heavily influenced the first Oceanhorn, Oceanhorn II attempts to copy Breath of the Wild. However, the overall design still resembles a classic 3D Legend of Zelda game. For a mobile adventure, it continues to be appealing and adventurous.


Although it appears like Overland was greatly influenced by Into the Breach, this is not the truth because of how long the game has been in development. Both games are turn-based roguelikes that emphasize extreme techniques in response to arbitrary situations rather than a comprehensive plan. You must make decisions about how to stealthily locate valuable gas, when to repair your dog, and other issues as you move over the sparsely populated squares that make up the wasteland. The interface is designed to give tabletop players better access to the renownedly complex genre, and it is attractive.



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