Glock plea for Monaco

For the former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock, the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​still the ultimate – which is why he hopes that the motorsport premier class will extend the expiring contract with the Automobile Club de Monaco.

“Every driver raves because you know: a mistake, and that’s it. Monaco is even narrower than any other street circuit. There’s no other track that comes close,” said Glock in the “SID” interview.

However, the 40-year-old, who reports on the seventh race of the season (3:00 p.m. / Sky) as an expert for the pay-TV channel “Sky”, also showed understanding for other points of view. For the teams, especially for the mechanics, racing in the mini-state also means “a huge effort. A lot of stress, long distances. The race is a challenge in every respect.”

The traditional race track is part of the inventory of Formula 1 and was already there in the inaugural season in 1950. However, the organizer has so far paid the lowest entry fee of the year. Glock agrees that there are “justified reasons from the team’s point of view” to put pressure on and insist on more money and rights: “But with its history, Monaco still has a unique selling point.”

For him personally, the first drive in a Formula 1 racing car on the street circuit was particularly burned in. In 2004, when he was still Jordan’s test driver, he was in action in Friday practice. “I came back after ten laps and couldn’t speak any more,” recalled the 91-time Grand Prix participant: “I had a heart rate of about 300 because I was completely overwhelmed by the impressions. I thought: What is that here? This is completely crazy. But it was really fun.”

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