Giant behind LoL and Fortnite lures with 100 million dollars for streamers

In order to get content creators to play their game, the developers of PUBG Mobile, in cooperation with Tencent, are throwing a total of 100 million US dollars into the ring. Streamers can currently submit an application to the internet giant behind LoL and Fortnite.

Any influencer with a reach of over 50,000 followers on Twitch, Tiktok or YouTube can apply. The developers have not yet announced how the millions will be paid out in concrete terms.

There will be special content creator training for the participants in the program. Access to exclusive game content and events is also enticing.

Chinese giant pulls the strings in the background

The extent to which the influencers are to advertise PUBG Mobile and what content is expected is not yet clear from the first announcements.

With Tencent, a gaming giant is pulling the strings in the PUBG Mobile development process. The Chinese company owns, among other things, LoL developer Riot Games and is also a major shareholder in Fortnite developer Epic Games.

PUBG Mobile is a big hit in Asia and is also one of the most popular mobile shooters in this country. Like the mobile phone game, the PC and console offshoot is available as a free 2-play game.


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