German FIFA professionals qualified for the World Cup

Four German FIFA professionals have qualified for the World Cup in Copenhagen. The 64 best players in the world competed in London for tickets to the FIFAe World Cup in two weeks.

Among the German participants, Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen, the newly crowned VBL individual champion, was the first to qualify. Although DullenMIKE lost his first game in the knockout rounds against Sagi “Tesler” Tesler from Israel, the NEO pro played big in the lower bracket. Two wins in a row secured him participation in the World Championship.

DullenMIKE is playing for three FIFA World Cup titles

“It’s an incredible feeling and essentially the first step to becoming world champion,” said DullenMIKE in an interview after qualifying. The NEO player is qualified for all three World Cup final tournaments in Copenhagen and is now playing for the crowns in individual, club and national competitions.

Umut “Umut” Gültekin also qualified confidently in the playoffs of the FIFA Global Series. With a broad grin, he ran onto the stage for the qualifier interview. “Now we have to move on and see what we can do in the World Cup,” said the RB Leipzig player.

FIFA World Cup: Umut is watched by the competition

The pressure was high, with rivals often looking over Umut’s shoulder as he played. The RB player is considered one of the World Cup title favorites. In addition to DullenMIKE and Umut, Koray “KKoray” Kücükgünar and Benedikt “BeneCR7x” Bauer from VfL Bochum qualified for the FIFAe World Cup.

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