German 7-a-side rugby team misses the European Championship final – 10:31 defeat against Spain

The team of national coach Clemens von Grumbkow had to admit defeat to defending champion Spain by 10:31 in the semifinals.

The selection of the German Rugby Association (DRV) had won the first European Championship tournament in Lisbon and would have had the second title after 2019 with a win against the Spaniards. This could still work if Germany wins their third-place match against Portugal on Sunday afternoon (4.45 p.m.) and Spain loses the final (17.10) against France. However, should Germany lose or Spain win, the title would go to the Iberians as in the previous year.

In Kraków, the German team remained unbeaten in all four group games. The circumstances were anything but unproblematic. On a turbulent journey to the “Wolfpack” the luggage got lost. In addition, two experienced employees, Carlos Soteras Merz and Tim Lichtenberg, were absent at short notice.

For the DRV selection, the EM was only an intermediate step towards the big goals of the season. The qualifications for the World Cup and the World Series are scheduled for summer. Four European starting places are at stake in the World Cup qualifiers in Bucharest, while in Chile only the winner takes part in the world series. The chances at both events are good for the German team.

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