Gareth Bale and the salary he will have with Los Angeles FC in MLS 2022: He will not surpass Lorenzo Insigne

The pass market bomb exploded. The Major League Soccer (MLS) made world news after it was revealed that Los Angeles F.C. has reached an agreement to sign the Welsh star Gareth Balewho comes from playing last season in real Madrid.

Although it will be necessary to wait until July 7 for the transaction to become official, when the Secondary Transfer Window opens in the American league, the concrete thing is that it will be the most bombastic contract of 2022, surpassing that of its new co-worker, Giorgio Chiellini.

However, there will be a point where Bale will not be able to make a difference in MLS 2022, and that has to do with the salary you will receive in Los Angeles FCwhich according to journalistic speculation would be much lower than the $20.3 million dollars that he perceived in Real Madrid.

The salary that Gareth Bale will have with LAFC in MLS

It must be taken into account that the highest paid player in the competition will be the Italian Lorenzo Insignewhom Toronto F.C. will pay you a salary $12.42 million dollarsand the one that follows is the Swiss Xherdan Shakiri (chicago fire) with $8.16 million.

According to media reports, Bale’s contract with MLS will run until June 2023, where he is expected to have a salary very similar to what Chiellini will receive, that is, Los Angeles FC would pay him $3.5 million dollars for your stay.

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