From one GOAT to another GOAT: Peyton Manning’s greeting to Tom Brady on his retirement from the NFL

One of the days that no one wanted to see arrive, it arrived. the world of National Football League (NFL) he is sad because Tom Brady announced his retirement from the league after 22 seasons of pure success. The GOAT received messages from many, but none as important as one of his peers, Peyton Manning.

The quarterback who divided his career between Indianapolis Colts Y Denver Broncos left his greeting to Brady, as did his brother Eli. They both have a great relationship with the QB of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Y New England Patriots, but Peyton was the great rival in terms of greatness.

For many, both are in the top 3 quarterbacks in NFL history, along with joe montana. With two Super Bowls, Manning fell short of Tom’s seven, but He surpasses him in MVPs, obtaining five (record) against three. But now it was time to pay tribute to the recently retired.

Peyton Manning’s message to Tom Brady

The message was delivered through his business account “Omaha Productions” on Twitter. “Congratulations to my friend Tom on an amazing football career. Doing it the time he did, at the highest level is amazing. FIt was an honor and a privilege to compete against him on the court, and I really appreciate your friendship off it.“.

I have always admired and respected his competitiveness, his dedication, his discipline and his commitment to be the best. I wish him the best in his next chapter. Congratulations again, friend!”, concluded who now hosts a show with his brother in the Monday Night Football.

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