Fredi Bobic confirms Hertha BSC’s interest in Danny da Costa

Hertha BSC had Bayer Leverkusen’s Lucas Alario and Danny da Costa from Eintracht Frankfurt on the shopping list in the past winter transfer period.

“We dealt with Lucas Alario and Danny da Costa, that’s true. But even in these cases we said it wasn’t feasible. That was done relatively quickly, and the media wrote about it longer than it actually was “, explained managing director Fredi Bobic in a media round.

According to Bobic, the commitment of a new right-back was also considered. “At the end of the day, nothing was feasible. That’s why we didn’t do it. It wasn’t about acting proactively.”

Hertha BSC: Fredi Bobic worried about “Balance”

Instead, they want to “strengthen” the two existing right-backs Peter Pekarík and Lukas Klünter, emphasized Bobic. “We mustn’t overload the squad and the individual positions. Adding too many players in an ongoing competition upsets the balance within the team.”

Overall, it was “totally quiet” on the transfer market, said Bobic. “There was no real flow of capital on the market. It was extremely manageable, not much happened even in the final phase. We hadn’t experienced anything like that in previous years.”

“It has nothing to do with Hertha BSC, little has happened overall,” said Bobic. All clubs wanted to “save personnel costs and take as little risk as possible. The big hype didn’t come up”.

Probably no more departures at Hertha BSC

According to Bobic, departures are unlikely even after the change window in the major European leagues has closed.

“The way the squad is now together, it stands for me. Of course, there can still be transfers to other countries, but we’re not active there and I don’t have the feeling that anything else will happen to us,” he said ex-pro. “We want to work with the squad that we have. Now all the lads know that we’re going into the last race with them. Because we want to strengthen our team so that they can go into the remaining 14 games with full focus and the necessary ones collect points.”


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