Fraud affair employs Hamburger SV

Second division soccer team Hamburger SV has expelled an honorary member from the club in the last few days because he had used his contacts at HSV for fraud purposes.

In terms of sport, things are going well at Hamburger SV. They recently won the derby in the Hanseatic city against FC St. Pauli. With 34 points, the North Germans are also only one point away from the relegation place and only three points from a direct promotion rank. But off the field, those responsible had a lot to do recently that was not directly related to the team.

According to information from “Bild”, the executive committee of HSV eV has decided to exclude 78-year-old Peter H. from the club. The pensioner was a member of the Rothosen for decades, and in 1993 he was even awarded the rare “Golden Badge of Honor for special honorary services”.

But now the former securities dealer, who was sentenced to two years in prison last year in Hamburg for fraud and forgery of documents, has been thrown out of the club.

The reason: According to the report, Peter H., who worked at HSV among other things as a folder and distributed team lists in the VIP area, used his contacts in the boxes to generate customers for his fraud. Allegedly, the 78-year-old stole more than 400,000 euros.

According to the tabloid, the former HSV professional and later board member Harry Bähre was also affected. However, to be on the safe side in a financial transaction, H. had the vehicle registration document of an older Jaguar handed over to him and finally, after a long back and forth, probably got the car as compensation for the losses.

Peter H. is no longer an honorary member of HSV. After the pensioner had not responded to requests for a conversation or a statement, the club exclusion should now have been sent to him in writing, so “Bild”.


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