Frank Vogel opens up about LeBron James and his ‘new’ role at Lakers

The present of Los angeles lakers not quite good. Although they appear in Playoff positions, the troop of Lebron James and company fight through thick and thin to achieve triumphs that ensure their stay in the decisive rounds of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

For this, he has seen how the shirt 6 has taken a leading role at its best. A lot of minutes on the court and productions that exceed 30 points have become a regular thing for ‘Bron.

But nevertheless, abuse your physical ability so early in the season it can mean a risk In the long term, he takes LeBron off the court completely and the Lakers lose their star in decisive moments, because even though he is in excellent physical shape, he cannot forget that he is 37 years old.

Frank Vogel talks about LeBron James

Despite everything described above, Frank Vogel has focused on LeBron James’ role as center for the Los Angeles Lakers. “It also has some defensive benefits.”, said the coach about the position of ‘The King’ on the court.

Frank Vogel and LeBron James (Photo: Getty Images)

“… Especially with certain matches where we are doing a lot of double teams with elite bases and you have more speed to move around the perimeter.. There are still many areas of that type of coverage where we need to improve, but the speed of that can be beneficial. “.


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