FPÖ etches against Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen is currently preparing for the season in Austria. After a tweet about the right-wing populist party FPÖ, the Bundesliga soccer team was heavily insulted.

As in previous years, Werder Bremen is holding its summer training camp in the Zillertal. The Hanseatic League actually wants to concentrate on the strenuous units in peace, but now the North Germans suddenly have trouble with the FPÖ. But what actually happened?

The Austrian party had placed a banner near the training ground in Zell am Ziller, which in turn did not suit the newly promoted Bundesliga team.

“We feel so much at home here that we also stand up for it in the Zillertal: CLEAR EDGE AGAINST NAZIS,” Werder Bremen tweeted, adding the hashtag #nachbarnkannmansichnichtaussuchen.

The FPÖ, for its part, reacted with harsh words and became insulting. “No one needs these left-wing filthy Piefke with us. Let’s celebrate the rainbow Ramadan in Buntland”, wrote Leo KohlbauerFPÖ press spokesman in Vienna, at the short message service.

FPÖ accuses Werder Bremen of “lacking understanding of democracy”.

The FPÖ followed up on Facebook. The article says: “German football is increasingly being co-opted by left-wing to left-radical political currents, both at fan and club level. Now the Bundesliga club SV Werder Bremen felt compelled to fight against a to rant about the FPÖ event taking place nearby and the party itself.”

The right-wing populist party, which has 30 seats in the Austrian National Council, accused Werder Bremen of “stupidity and a lack of understanding of democracy”.

Werder Bremen had positioned themselves against the right several times in the past. The Bundesliga soccer club will be training in the Zillertal until July 10th.

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