Formula 1 | Williams team boss Jost Capito would be happy about VW entry – Russell return in mind

Will VW enter Formula 1 with its Porsche and Audi brands? The topic occupies fans, experts and also team bosses. Jost Capito, Williams boss, would be happy if the German brand got involved and assured in the “RTL” interview: “No team would say when you called: sneak up!” – with one exception.

The team boss of the traditional Williams racing team sees the fact that the Volkswagen Group is intensively considering a commitment in the premier class as a sign of confidence in the strength of the motorsport premier class.

It shows that “Formula 1 has gained interest in recent years and is very attractive to manufacturers,” said Capito. “I would be happy if Volkswagen soon decides that they will enter Formula 1 with one or the other brand.”

Capito worked for VW and Porsche

Capito’s statements carry weight, not only because he leads one of the well-known teams. But also because he has a past at VW and Porsche. Between 1989 and 1996 he held a managerial position in Porsche’s motorsport department. In 2012 his career path brought him to VW, where he was employed as Director Motorsport. Since last year he has been CEO and team leader at Williams in one person.

The 63-year-old is certain: every new manufacturer makes F1 “more attractive, more exciting.” There has not yet been a specific call from VW. “There’s no point in talking about it before VW has decided if they’re really going into F1. If you got a call, I don’t think any team would say, ‘Sneak!’ I can not imagine that. Except when Mercedes gets the call,” Capito said, laughing.

He does not see it as expedient to even approach the manufacturers proactively. “I don’t think that makes any sense as long as there is no decision. There is no reason to raise hopes. It has to be done step by step.”

Williams stroke of genius? Capito doesn’t believe in it

Step by step, the Capito team also wants to work its way out of the back rows and shake off the reputation as a backbench squad. Looking ahead to the 2022 car, Capito is cautiously optimistic. “I think we did a solid job,” he said. “We believe that we have put together a good car. That doesn’t have the disadvantages of last year’s car.” The factory is still working “24/7”. But the design is already complete.

Where exactly his team is is “difficult to say”. “We don’t assume that we have the fastest car. It’s much more important to work your way up from where you start. To overtake others during the season purely in terms of speed.” However, he does not believe that a team can achieve a grandiose flash of inspiration and game changer like Brawn GP in 2009 (the double diffuser surprisingly catapulted the team to the title). “That’s supposed to be prevented with the regulations. We certainly didn’t find anything like that. Let’s see if someone else found something, we certainly didn’t.”

Russell is set to become world champion in the Williams

Unsurprisingly, Capito expects the trio of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari at the front. “They have the largest capacities of the infrastructure.” For the first time this season, George Russell will drive alongside Lewis Hamilton as a regular driver in the silver category – if he doesn’t back down.

Capito gave his ex-driver Russell a possibly daring thesis on the way to leave. “When he left, I said: I’m sure you’ll come back to Williams at some point because you want to be world champion.” Russell’s answer: He would be happy about that.

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