Formula 1 | Verstappen: Ferrari “almost unbeatable” on one lap

Actually, the Hungaroring as a racetrack should have been made for the strengths that have been attested to the Red Bull for years, namely contact pressure and maneuverability. In fact, the Austro-British team has only won the Hungarian Grand Prix twice: in 2010 by Mark Webber and in 2014 by Daniel Ricciardo.

“Somehow we never got it right here,” says Max Verstappen before the Budapest race in 2022. “There were a few years when we weren’t that competitive, for different reasons.”

Among other things, because “Mercedes has dominated for a long time. But if we look at the season today, Ferrari is almost unbeatable in one lap. Especially on a track like this it will be difficult for us in qualifying. However, it’s supposed to rain on Saturday. That could be our chance,” said the Dutchman.

The Hungaroring is often referred to as “Monaco without crash barriers”. Verstappen complained about understeer in Monaco this year. But that’s “more of a problem on city circuits,” says Verstappen, “where there are short curves and 90-degree corners.”

“I expect it to be different here. On the one hand because of the high temperatures, but on the other hand because it’s supposed to rain on Saturday. The balance of power can be completely different from Friday to Sunday,” says Verstappen.

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