Formula 1 | Toto Wolff expects high tension

Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff believes in an end to the sole rule of individual racing teams in Formula 1 – the budget limit makes it possible.

“I think that in the future five or six teams will be eligible for victories,” said the 50-year-old on “auto motor und sport”: “That’s good for the sport. It’s not always the same team that wins the Super Bowl. “

The regulation of spending, which has been in effect since last year and is gradually being tightened, was a hard cut for the industry leaders. “Of course, the teams that had deep pockets weren’t particularly happy that we were given an advantage,” said Wolff: “But the whole thing has degenerated into an arms race between Red Bull, Ferrari and us. Now it’s all more balanced being.” In the future, “there will no longer be a team that drives a second ahead”.

Regardless of that, Wolff is also hoping for an increase in the reach of Formula 1. “It became apparent last year that we were attracting a younger audience,” said the Austrian: “It has become a fan base of its own. You could almost think of one change of the guard of the generations.” A main reason for this is the Formula 1 documentation of the streaming portal “Netflix”, “suddenly the characters became interesting for people who had not followed the sport before. That opened up this new target group for us.”

Wolff is therefore optimistic about the near and medium-term future. “There is no macro- or micro-economic reason why Formula 1 does not continue to prosper, unless Corona hits us very hard again,” he said: “Sport is hip, interest is enormous and the range is better than ever We will have a second race in the USA in Miami in 2022, maybe even a third in 2023. All signs point to a positive future.”


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