Formula 1 | This is how Mick Schumacher rates his rookie season

Mick Schumacher did not have an easy start at Haas in the 2021 Formula 1 season. With the car not undergoing further development since 2020, the German and his rookie teammate Nikita Masepin were mostly doomed to follow. Nevertheless, Schumacher was able to record some highlights.

The 22-year-old made it into Q2 at the Turkish Grand Prix. Looking back on the season and asking if it was more difficult than expected, the Haas pilot emphasizes, “Not more difficult. To be honest, it was easier than I expected.”

Above all, the fact that he was given a multi-year contract when he was promoted made the situation easier for him. “There’s no pressure to wonder what you’re going to do next year. If you perform most of the time, you have a cockpit for next year,” he explains.

“So it’s really just about you. There is nothing from the outside that could influence this decision,” Schumacher continued. In addition, the Haas’ lack of competitiveness, which made it impossible for him to score points consistently, also helped to reduce his stress levels.

Still, the German believes it would have been an advantage if strong results were expected of him: “I would have enjoyed the pressure to get points every weekend, to be up there and to fight. “

“Of course, that throws a different light on you than if you always drive at the back,” says the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher. He emphasizes: “As far as the people who know and understand the sport are concerned, it’s clear: they see what I’m doing.”

“But people who might not care that much just see that I’m in the back and they’ll wonder why, because they’ve seen me win championships before. So it’s a little different approach. But it was good for us. There will still be a lot to do this year.”

Schumacher will not only continue to drive for Haas this season, but will also be available as a reserve at Ferrari for those races that replacement driver Antonio Giovinazzi cannot contest due to overlaps with Formula E.


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