Formula 1 | The Haas team is planning updates again in 2022

In the 2021 Formula 1 season, Haas did without updates and focused early on on the 2022 car, which was recently officially presented as the first car of the new season – but only rendered. There should be updates for the real VF-22 in the course of the year, but team boss Günther Steiner warns.

“We have money there to make developments (during the season; editor’s note)”, he says. “You just have to be more careful under the budget cap.”

“I think that counts for everyone if the budget cap is adhered to when you make the developments. It’s not like it used to be: as soon as you have something, you do it on the car if you have the money. Now you have to look: how am I best investing the money to get as much performance for as little money as possible?”

Steiner: “The budget cap is your limit”

From Steiner’s point of view, this will be the key to who develops well this year. “It’s no longer (…) the quantity, but also much more related to the quality, because the budget cap is your limit,” explains the Haas team boss.

When asked about this year’s car and the progress that Haas is hoping for from it in order to end up back in the midfield, Steiner remains cautious: “I’ve said a few times that I can’t judge how powerful the car will be because I didn’t see the other cars.”

“But what I see is that we had good cars, for example ’18, even ’16 and ’17 for a new team, we had pretty good cars. I see similarities at that time.”

Will Haas push back into midfield in 2022?

“That’s the only thing I can judge when it comes to expectations for the car. That’s why I always say I’m cautiously optimistic because I see how Simone (Resta, Technical Director) and his group see the car in the last year, how hard they worked on it,” says Steiner.

“To say that we will be in midfield I don’t know,” admits the 56-year-old regarding the balance of power in 2022. “I think we’ll be there, but I don’t know what the others are doing, so we’ll have to wait a little longer.”

Steiner is already proud of his team: “Ultimately, I’m pretty happy about what happened last year. Because we had two difficult years, but what drove me was what the people in the design office and in aerodynamics did department have done in 2021.”

Resta: Young team needs to consolidate

Chief Technical Officer Resta, who is aware of the high expectations of this new project, was in charge. “I tried not to think about pressure at all, but to have fun and get the most out of it. That’s the only thing that counts: try to improve the car’s performance and enjoy it.”

The Italian, who only joined Haas in early 2021, emphasizes: “As a team, we are a very young organization that was just rebuilt a year ago and I am quite sure that we can show our true potential in 2022 and will also take another step in the year 23.”


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