Formula 1 stars Vettel and Schumacher at the Race of Champions!

Three active drivers from Formula 1, plus numerous motorsport legends: the Race of Champions is once again attracting prominent names this year. From a German point of view, the focus is on Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher, who will start in the individual and national rankings. accompanies the Race of Champions in Lapland on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. in the LIVE ticker!

+++ Chadwick makes mistakes +++

The duel between the two pilots ends very early because Chadwick got stuck shortly after the start.

+++ Chadwick Gala in the video +++

+++ Mick equalizes +++

The draft horse of the German team also wins its third race today.

+++ Schumacher against Herta +++

Can Mick save his team again?

+++ USA takes the lead +++

Very weak start from the German who can no longer catch up. Johnson takes the point without any effort. So far, the four-time world champion has not been particularly happy.

+++ Vettel in a duel with Johnson +++

The quarter-finals also start for Team Germany.

+++ Chadwick sovereign +++

The 23-year-old clearly beats the experienced Häkkinen and took the second point for the Brits.

+++ Häkkinen intervenes +++

Jamie Chadwick (two-time W-Series Champion) now has to face Mikka Häkkinen (two-time Formula 1 World Champion).

+++ Kimilainen without a chance against Coulthard +++

Coulthard wins very clearly against the Finn. In the end, the Brit was five seconds faster.

+++ Team Finland vs Team Great Britain +++

In the first duel, Emma Kimilainen (W Series driver) faces David Coulthard (two-time RoC winner and ex-Formula 1 driver).

+++ Vettel speaks up +++

“I was too hesitant in the first round. Luckily Mick was there. Small mistakes are punished immediately.”

+++ Quarter finals of the RoC are coming up +++

The encounters:

Team Germany vs Team USA

Team Finland vs Team Great Britain

Team Nordic vs Team France

Team Sweden vs Team Norway

+++ Vettel defeat in the video +++

+++ Schumacher wins +++

In the end, Team Germany prevailed 3:1 against the eSports players. Mick made the decision with a sovereign lap.

+++ Does Schumacher put the lid on it? +++

The Haas pilot has to run against Blakeley. If he wins, Team Germany will face Team USA in the next round.

+++ Team Germany takes the lead +++

Strong lap by the Heppenheimer, who approached the task with great concentration. Opmeer missed half a second.

+++ Vettel has to score against Opmeer +++

Can the Formula 1 driver now get a point?

+++ USA moves into the next round +++

If there is a tie after four races, the times of all runs are added up. Johnson and Herta narrowly prevailed and advance to the next round.

+++ Team Latin America equalizes +++

Guerra narrowly beat Herta. After crossing the finish line, the Mexican crashed into a wall of snow. His Porsche must first be freed.

+++ Guerra under pressure +++

The Mexican must now win against Herta, otherwise the Latin American team is out.

+++ USA takes the lead +++

It’s very difficult for the drivers in the Porsche on the snow. Both acted extremely cautiously. In the end, Johnson won just ahead of Castroneves to take the second point for the USA.

+++ Castroneves and Johnson +++

Now follows the duel of the two losers of the first run. They have to compete against each other in the Porsche.

+++ Pilots exchange vehicles +++

All pilots can try their hand in all vehicles and swap seats regularly. In the duels, of course, the same models are used against each other. These include the RX Supercar-Lite, the fully electric RX2e and FC1-X rally crossers, as well as the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport and the RZR Pro Buggy developed by Polaris. There is currently a short break.

+++ Compensation for Germany +++

Schumacher literally flies over the track and confidently scores the point for his team. In total, three wins are needed to advance to the next round.

+++ Schumacher has to score +++

The Haas driver now has to face the reigning Formula 1 eChampion Opmeer. A win would be hugely important.

+++ Vettel loses +++

Blakeley causes a surprise and beats the Formula 1 driver. The Scot was eight hundredths faster!

+++ Vettel intervenes +++

The Aston Martin driver meets Lucas Blakeley, who drives for the British eTeam.

+++ USA strike back +++

In the second duel, Colton Herta (IndyCar driver) met Hélio Castroneves (IndyCar driver). The Brazilian didn’t stand a chance. The USA thus equalises.

+++ Guerra beats Johnson +++

The first duel goes to the Mexican rally driver, who clearly beats his opponent from the USA.

+++ Team Latin America vs Team USA +++

Jimmie Johnson (Nascar record winner) and Benito Guerra (rally driver) will kick things off. Two laps are driven.

+++ eSports players challenge Team Germany +++

In the preliminary round, the German pilots meet two eSportsmen. Jarno Opmeer, who was recently crowned Formula 1 eSports Champion twice in a row, and Lucas Blakely, who also competes in the series, want to defeat Vettel and Schumacher. But the two are not only talented on the console, they also have enough experience on real tracks.

+++ Mild temperatures in Lapland +++

The temperatures along the route are relatively mild for Lapland. The thermometer is currently showing 0 degrees Celsius, yesterday it was -18 degrees. That’s why the track suffered a bit. Vettel and Schumacher have been preparing for the race in the last few days at -10 degrees. Among other things, they jogged in the forest.

+++ Race takes place under special conditions +++

This year’s Race of Champions takes place in Pite Havsbad, Sweden. Not far from the Arctic Circle, the pilots will compete on a route on the frozen Baltic Sea. The race will therefore take place on snow and ice for the first time.

+++ Team Germany extremely successful +++

Team Germany is the record winner of the competition with a total of eight wins. Vettel, who together with Michael Schumacher achieved a total of six victories from 2007 to 2012, played a huge part in this. In addition, Vettel was the only German to win the individual classification in 2015.

+++ Nations competition is the beginning +++

The Race of Champions is divided into two days. While the Nations Cup will be held on Saturday, there will be individual driving on Sunday.

+++ Vettel, Schumacher and Co. at the start +++

With Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher, two active drivers from Formula 1 will be at the start in the freezing cold of Lapland. The two German drivers also compete together in the national competition. In addition, with David Coulthard and Mika Häkkinen, two absolute motorsport legends want to do it again. Valtteri Bottas should also have taken part, but the Finn canceled his start. Emma Kimilainen stands in for him.

+++ This is how the Race of Champions works +++

At the annual event, the best motorsport stars from Formula 1, World Rally Championship, Nascar & IndyCar Series and the X-Games compete with identical vehicles on the same courses. There will be an individual and a national competition. The knockout system creates a lot of excitement here, because the race of champions is over for the losers of each duel.

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