Formula 1: Schumacher favorite on Vettel legacy

After Sebastian Vettel announced the end of his career in Formula 1, the search for a successor at Aston Martin is in full swing. Now a favorite emerges.

As F1 journalist Sergio Rodríguez claims to have learned, Mick Schumacher is Aston Martin’s first choice. Accordingly, the Haas driver does not extend his contract with the Ferrari Driver Academy in order to be able to take over Vettel’s legacy.

Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine), who were also traded as Vettel’s successors, are not options at Aston Martin.

According to Rodríguez, Nico Hülkenberg, currently reserve driver at Aston Martin, is only the second choice behind Schumacher.

Vettel supports Schumacher

If Sebastian Vettel has his way, Schumacher will inherit the British racing team. “Of course I spoke to Lawrence (Stroll, team owner, editor’s note) and told him that I would not continue. And we also had a brief conversation about what could come next,” Vettel revealed that he already suggested a successor to the team boss.

“I have my opinion there,” said the four-time world champion and banged the drum: “I think a lot of Mick. Of course I’m not completely objective because I’m very close to him, but I think he’s a great driver. “

Vettel doesn’t know whether Schumacher has a realistic chance of getting into the cockpit: “And it’s not my decision either. But if I’m asked, I’ll give my opinion. In the end, however, the team has to make the decision.”

Schumacher himself tried to downplay the emerging rumors when he was told about Vettel’s support: “I think there’s still a lot to do here and that’s the focus at the moment,” he said diplomatically: “What the future will bring, We’ll see. I never say never, but my focus right now is Budapest with Haas.”

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