Formula 1 | Ricciardo self-critical: penalty was “totally fine”

Daniel Ricciardo was on his way to scoring important points for McLaren at the Formula 1 race in Hungary. But then he was “rightly” punished.

McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo had important points in mind at the Hungarian Grand Prix when a penalty threw the Australian way back. After his pit stop, he crashed into Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll because of a braking error on his new hard tires and was therefore given a five-second penalty. “Totally fine,” as the Formula 1 veteran explains.

“Honestly, I knew it was going to be difficult when I heard that he came out of the pits on the soft tires,” said Ricciardo after the race, which he ultimately finished 15th due to the penalty. “I didn’t want to be next to him in Turn 2 as I knew he was just going to pass on the outside.”

Ricciardo thought he “braked early” because he actually wanted to avoid a collision. “I also thought I gave him a gap, but it just wasn’t enough. When I turned in, I felt the wheels lock and I was like, ‘Oh no!’ I knew exactly what was going to happen.”

“That’s why I don’t have a problem with the penalty,” said the Australian sportily. “That was perfectly fair.” With that, the points for Ricciardo, who is in twelfth place in the overall standings with 19 points on the credit side, were gone.

“That’s the way it is”

McLaren would also have hoped for more points, as Lando Norris made it to a solid seventh place. The team is now just four points behind Alpine in the Constructors’ Championship. Had Ricciardo brought home an eighth place ahead of Fernando Alonso in Hungary, McLaren would now be ahead of the French.

Stroll also missed the points due to the incident and was pissed off as a result. “I think I gave him enough space, but he went in a little too deep,” says the Canadian, who works for Aston Martin. “He had his problems on the hard tyre, but that’s the way it is.”

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