Formula 1 | Red Bull boss Horner auctions tour of Mercedes factory

Has Mercedes already increased security in Brackley? Christian Horner, team boss of Formula 1 archrival Red Bull, has struck at an auction and bought a tour of the Silver Arrow forge in Brackley.

Horner made a bid of £4,000 (€4,730) for the Autosport Awards charity campaign. For the first, for the second, for the third and buff – the top bull and Verstappen boss has a ticket to the Mercedes factory.

Verstappen boss wants to take the whole herd of bulls with him

In an interview with “” Horner joked that he would like to take “20 people” to the tour in Brackley.

“Adrian (Newey, aerodynamics boss, editor’s note), me, Pierre Waché (technical director, editor’s note) and maybe Paul Field, our production manager,” said the Brit with a laugh. “It will be interesting to go there and see how they manage their budget cap.”

Of course, the 4,000-pound stitch was “for a good cause,” emphasized Horner. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Grand Prix Trust, which has advised and supported Formula 1 team personnel for three decades.


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