Formula 1 | Norris jokes about Hamilton and Sainz: ‘I should be eight times world champion’

Joker Lando Norris once again lived up to his post-British Grand Prix reputation. The young British Formula 1 star cracked several jokes at the expense of his opponents in the interviews.

The fact that he finally lost the private duel for his first Formula 1 victory against his good friend Carlos Sainz only bothered Lando Norris briefly. Though he’ll be sure of his former McLaren team-mate’s taunts, Norris heartily congratulated the Spaniard on the win.

“I’m happy for Carlos,” said Norris, adding with a smile: “But it was about time he won a race.”

Losing the internal competition against Sainz blamed Norris on the material. “He’s in a Ferrari that’s one second a lap faster than me,” joked the young Briton, who congratulated his friend with a hug and warm words on the win.

“He got the first podium from both of us, I got the first pole position. This weekend he finally got his first pole position and crowned it with a win. I haven’t managed to do that yet,” summarized Norris.

“My God, I should be eight times world champion”

During the race, the McLaren driver fought several duels with Lewis Hamilton. In the first few meters, Norris left the record world champion behind with a great maneuver.

“Look at this beautiful move,” Norris commented on the images in the replay. “My God, I should be eight times world champion,” the McLaren driver joked about his maneuver that got him past Hamilton.

Later in the race, Hamilton passed Norris again. The 22-year-old finally had a front row seat at the end of the race as Hamilton passed Leclerc. “I saw that,” Norris recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh, Lewis is copying me,'” he joked.

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