Formula 1 | Mick Schumacher: “If Ferrari needs me, I’ll be there”

Around 50 days before the first Formula 1 race of the 2022 season, Mick Schumacher spoke about both the new Haas car and the goals for his second year in the premier class.

After his vacation, which he spent on the family ranch in Texas / USA, among other things, Mick Schumacher is now “ready to get started again”, as he emphasized in an interview with “Sky”. “I would prefer it if we started racing tomorrow.”

However, it is not that fast. Before the new season starts in Bahrain in mid-March, the tests in Barcelona (end of February) and Bahrain (March 10 to 12) are still to come. Only then will Schumacher really be able to drive his new car. But he had already collected impressions beforehand.

“I’ll soon see the car in its entirety,” revealed the 22-year-old, alluding to the fact that Haas could soon be the first team to drop the covers. “And hopefully I’ll be able to drive it in Barcelona soon,” the young German looked ahead.

On vacation, he was “in daily contact with the team” to “see how this year’s car looks and what gaps we still have,” revealed Schumacher.

“I think there are a lot of positive things and we can be very happy. Of course we have to see what it looks like on the track again. I think we’re all in good spirits,” said Schumi jr.

Schumacher: The Formula 1 car will become stiffer

Even if he hasn’t been in the car yet, the 22-year-old is already familiar with some of the changes based on his experience in Formula 2. “The car will be stiffer, it will be jerky to drive. The new tires will make the whole thing even stiffer,” Schumacher suspected.

Therefore, with a view to the driving style, some things will change, according to the Haas driver. “But I’m in good spirits. In Formula 2 you’ve also gone from 13 inches to 18 inches and accordingly I know what to expect,” said Schumacher confidently and added: “But it will feel different because the Formula 1 cars were then made from the ground up for the big tyres.”

In terms of personnel, however, there will be no changes, even though rumors have recently been circulating that Schumacher could get another race engineer. “Nothing is changing for us. A few mechanics have left, a few new ones have joined. But my race engineer Gary Gannon is staying,” confirmed the 22-year-old.

Schumacher: “It would be nice to drive a Ferrari”

From a sporting point of view, 2022 should be more successful than 2021, where Haas remained without a point. “We can be satisfied if we consistently get into the Q2s and then collect points in the race. That’s a personal goal that we also have as a team,” said Schumacher. “There are new rules, no one really knows where to go. Hopefully that can give a smaller lead over the others because we started developing very early.”

Going forward, Formula 1 fans expect Schumacher to eventually join Scuderia Ferrari to follow in his famous father’s legacy. “It would be nice to drive a Ferrari,” said Schumacher, who is listed as a substitute driver for the Italian racing team, adding: “But the main focus is clearly on Haas. If Ferrari needs me, I’ll be there, of course.”

According to his own statement, Schumacher has not yet thought about a permanent commitment to the Scuderia. “My goal is to be as far up the front as possible in Haas this year. What happens in the future remains to be seen. That probably also depends on how Haas continues. If I do well there, it will go to the right one direction next year.”


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