Formula 1 | Max Verstappen taunts Ferrari: “Wrong decision”

With victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen celebrated his eighth win of the season in Formula 1 – and that with an outstanding race to catch up from tenth place on the grid after the technical problems in qualifying on Saturday.

In addition to the strong pace, the strategy of the Red Bull command post was also decisive, since Verstappen relied on an initial stint on the soft tires followed by two stints on the mediums. Main competitor Ferrari wrongly chose the hard tires with Charles Leclerc.

According to Verstappen, the team threw the originally planned strategy overboard after the lap on the starting grid.

With the poor starting position, Red Bull actually wanted to start with the hard tires, but before the race it was noticed in good time that the white tires would not work in the cold conditions.

Max Verstappen: Ferrari made the wrong decision

“We were going to start on the hard tyres, but then on the lap to the grid I had grip issues even with the soft tyre. So I said: ‘We can never start on the hard tyres.'”

“By far the most important thing today was to use the right tires to have the grip,” analyzes the world champion. “So it was right to start with the softs. That’s why we commend the team because we initially planned the strategy differently, but then quickly changed our mind.”

“We were fast, but so were Ferrari. And in the end, I think they just made the wrong decision with the tyres. The hard tire was pretty bad, which you could see with Charles, who was sliding a lot,” explains Verstappen.

Max Verstappen surprised by victory

On lap 42 he was able to overtake Leclerc on the better tyres, who at that point was in the lead adjusted for pit stops. The maneuver against the Monegasque was pretty easy due to the tire issue, as Verstappen says: “He had big problems with the hard tire.”

Even an intermittent spin after turn 13 couldn’t jeopardize Verstappen’s victory: “I had some problems with the clutch and we had to change a few things so that the clutch didn’t burn out. And I think that upset me in the corner , but luckily I only did a 360 degree spin.”

He himself was surprised that he was able to win the race from tenth place on the grid: “We didn’t expect that. I was hoping that we could make it onto the podium, but I think we had a really good strategy. We always stopped at the right time and had good outlaps.”

Places five and six were “realistic” for Red Bull

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner did not expect a win either: “Our analysis before the race showed that fifth and sixth place would be realistic. Winning from tenth place exceeded all of our expectations.”

“Then when we saw that Ferrari switched to the hard tyre, we thought that we might have a chance to win. The pace that Max had was very strong and we knew that between the medium and the hard tires would lie about half a second.”

With the win at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen’s championship lead over Ferrari’s Leclerc is now 80 points, meaning the Dutchman will lead the drivers’ standings at least until the Singapore Grand Prix on October 2nd.

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