Formula 1 | Max Verstappen comments on a curious country zoff

With his sensational victory in the Formula 1 World Championship, Max Verstappen rose to become one of the greatest sports stars in the world. The Red Bull driver is the first Dutchman to win the world championship in Formula 1. Or maybe the first Belgian?

A strange discourse has arisen in the Dutch and Belgian public about which country Verstappen actually drove more for.

The 24-year-old was born to a Belgian mother and a Dutch father in Hasselt, Belgium, and has both citizenships. In the past few weeks, the coverage of “compatriot” Verstappen has increased significantly, especially in Belgian newspapers and TV stations. So much so that father and ex-Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen now took the opportunity to publicly comment on country quarrels.

“Of course everyone wants a piece of Max at the moment. In a way, that’s a nice compliment for him. Nobody understands better than me when people are proud of him,” the 49-year-old told the newspaper De Telegraaf. first diplomatically.

But then Jos Verstappen became clear: “But there are also things that I have trouble with. In the eyes of certain Belgian media, Max is suddenly a Belgian.”

When he was a boy, his son wore the Dutch flag on his racing overalls when he was karting. Until recently there had never been a debate about dual citizenship.

Verstappen “always part of the Orange Army”

“I find it all a bit disappointing. We’ve been in motorsport for so many years now, but up until a few months ago there was little or almost no coverage of him in Belgium. Suddenly they’re claiming him for themselves. I see that not one,” said the former Benetton teammate of record world champion Michael Schumacher.

The matter is clear for Jos Verstappen as well as for his son Max. He illustrated this with a sporting example: “If the Netherlands play Belgium, he would always be part of the Orange Army. And if he had to choose a nationality, it would be Dutch.”

Max Verstappen had caused a real hype about himself in the Netherlands in recent years. Even before its first title year, thousands of Dutch Formula 1 fans flocked to circuits around the world, mostly in the distinctive Orange colors.


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