Formula 1: Magnussen raves about the Haas update

Is the new Haas upgrade a success or not? At least the new package from the American racing team seems to be working, according to Kevin Magnussen. The Dane qualified 13th in Hungary and was 0.377 seconds faster than teammate Mick Schumacher in the old car.

The German at least had the advantage that Haas understands the car perfectly without updates and that the new vehicle could not really be tried out in the wet third practice session.

Apart from that, one has to say that Magnussen’s pace compared to Schumacher was no better than usual, because he is already leading the qualifying duel with 11:2 against him, his gap to Schumacher was only three times smaller than yesterday.

Nevertheless, Magnussen sees the good early form as a good sign: “We took what we could take with us this weekend in terms of data and testing,” he says. “And I think we’ve seen some positive things.”

“We still have to give it a little more time so that we can get even more performance out of it, but at least we’ve brought an upgrade that does what we expected,” said the Haas driver. “We know the potential is there.”

“Doesn’t look like failure”

Magnussen speaks of a “good step” when upgrading the VF-22 and says: “At least it doesn’t look like we’ve taken a step backwards with it.” Although Haas is generally not as good as last time in France, “nevertheless, my car seems to be a bit better. And that’s positive.”

Still, he admits that Haas still has a lot to learn about the new parts. In any case, the steps in the set-up are still very big, and in general the weekend was not constant – also because the conditions have changed significantly. “It’s not easy from a driver’s point of view when it is like that and the wet practice didn’t help either,” he says.

“It’s good that we’re upgrading and working the way we’re doing and it doesn’t look like it’s a failure. It looks more like a bull’s eye,” said the Dane, who is trying though, no expectations to have: “It only complicates your life.”

Apologies to Sergio Pérez

In qualifying in Hungary, there was still a small discrepancy at the end of Q2: Sergio Pérez had accused Magnussen of obstructing him and thus preventing his entry into Q3. However, the race stewards did not impose a penalty.

“I was told he was about a second and a half behind me and then I just pulled as far to the left as I could, even walking on the grass a bit to try and avoid him.” explains Magnussen. “I think he thinks I hindered him or something. But I did everything I could.”

After qualifying, Magnussen even went up to Pérez to apologize: “I thought I was actually pretty good avoiding the way, but I went up to him and said, ‘Sorry, mate.'”

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