Formula 1 | Lewis Hamilton teases Max Verstappen

The British Grand Prix once again offered Formula 1 fans the best racing action this year. The most important thing: The drivers fought tough but clean duels. That was different last year. Lewis Hamilton saw it that way, too, and took the opportunity to dig at Max Verstappen.

When the race at Silverstone was restarted after the late safety car phase, millions of fans held their breath in front of the TV screens. At the front, Charles Leclerc, Sergio Pérez and Lewis Hamilton fought a thrilling high-speed three-way battle in which there could have been contact with bad consequences at any time.

But the three pilots kept a cool head and left just enough space to prevent a crash. Max Verstappen and Hamilton did not succeed in 2021. The two superstars collided at over 200 km/h in the legendary Copse curve last year. The Dutchman then shot off the track, ended up in the gang and had to be taken to the hospital.

According to Hamilton, the fact that this disaster did not repeat itself this year was also due to the fact that Verstappen was not involved this time.

Hamilton with a swipe at Verstappen

“What a great fight,” the Mercedes driver commented on his duel against Charles Leclerc after the race.

The Monegasse is a “very reasonable driver and very different from what we experienced last year,” Hamilton teased Verstappen, who at the time kept it clean and left Hamilton no place. With Leclerc, on the other hand, he “got through Copse without any problems”, praised the Briton.

Hamilton did not mention that the duel against Verstappen last year was not completely clean from his side either. The race management also gave the record world champion part of the blame and gave him a ten-second penalty. Despite the penalty, he won the 2021 Grand Prix.

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