Formula 1 | Lewis Hamilton makes a clear request to Mercedes

Mercedes has already experimented a lot in the 2022 Formula 1 season. Lewis Hamilton usually bore the brunt when it came to testing alternative settings or other parts on the W13 Silver Arrow. After the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, however, Hamilton indicated: It shouldn’t go on like this.

When asked about it, Hamilton said, more jokingly: “Maybe George can [Russell] do the experiments in the second half of the season!”

Seriously, the Mercedes driver added: “We’re just trying to make progress as a team, but I think going forward we need to be a bit more careful not to experiment too much because that’s pretty limiting for a weekend. “

Why Canada was a turning point for Hamilton

The race weekend in Canada, for example, showed how difficult it is to collect meaningful data with a different set-up. Especially as the Friday practice took place in the dry, but the third free practice on Saturday was in the wet. Therefore, it was difficult for Hamilton and Mercedes to verify the insights gained on Friday.

And that’s exactly what caused Hamilton to rethink. Or as he puts it himself: “I think from this weekend [in Kanada] you can learn a lot and implement it better in the future.”

“Really good speed” makes Hamilton dream

But things went well there, Hamilton emphasizes. The Mercedes W13 showed “really good pace” in Montreal. “It’s nice to see, because that hasn’t always been the case with this car.”

And the good speed of the Silver Arrow gives Hamilton hope for even greater success after P3 in Canada: “I just want to do it directly [Red Bull und Ferrari] record, tape.”

For a brief moment he thought he was within striking distance in Montreal: “When the safety car turned and the race continued, I dreamed of fighting it out with them and somehow finding a way. But they were [zu] quickly. But we’ll get there, someday.”

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