Formula 1 | “I’m back!”: Lewis Hamilton is back

Formula 1 fans breathe a sigh of relief: The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has reported back to social media after a miserably long break. And the Mercedes driver raises hopes that he will start in the 2022 season.

It’s only two sentences, but they almost freak out the Formula 1 spectators. “I’ve been gone. Now I’m back!” wrote Lewis Hamilton on Saturday, 13 days before the presentation of the new Mercedes car, on Twitter, Instagram and Co.! Translated: I was gone. Now I’m back.

Just a few minutes after it appeared, the British post was shared and liked tens of thousands of times.

It’s the first time Hamilton has made his own social media post in 2022. He had not written an entry on his own channels since December 11, 2021, the day of qualifying in Abu Dhabi, Mercedes posted the last Hamilton video on December 21 after celebrating winning the Constructors’ Championship in Brackley .

Because of the radio silence and because Hamilton was neither present at the test drives in Abu Dhabi after the season finale nor at the FIA ​​world champion gala in Paris at the end of last year, rumors arose that the record world champion could resign from Formula 1 after the controversial 2021 season finale.

But now Hamilton shows himself well recovered in his first post for a long time and with a smile on his lips in front of a fantastic backdrop.

There is still no confirmation that he will actually take a seat in the W13 in the 2022 season. The photo should be interpreted in this direction.

According to “RTL/ntv” information, Hamilton will be present at the presentation of the new Mercedes racing car on February 18 and will get into the new Silver Arrow for the first time. Possibly with a smile similar to the one in the social media photo.


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