Formula 1: Hamilton removes nose piercing

Lewis Hamilton had long blocked the FIA’s jewelry ban, but now the series world champion has shown insight. On the first day of practice at Silverstone, it can be seen that Hamilton has removed his nose piercing.

We remember: At the beginning of the season he had a lot of stress with the world association FIA and the stewards because they had issued a ban on jewelry. The record world champion did not actually want to stick to this.

When Lewis Hamilton entered the paddock in the rainy Silverstone on Friday, he was initially still wearing his nose piercing, but the Mercedes driver started training without his controversial stud. The jewelry theater has been going on all season long around the racing driver.

After the FIA ​​imposed the jewelry ban, the pilot provoked a press conference with various watches and chains, initially claiming that his piercing could only be removed by a doctor. Now it seemed to work without it.

Insight sounds different: “With all due respect…”

The FIA ​​had given the record winner a special permit, which is now valid on June 30th. expired. So, to avoid penalties, Hamilton has now removed his piercing, even if true insight sounds different: “With all due respect, it’s crazy to think that with everything that’s happening in the world, that’s the focus. I’m going to be on this one Driving at the weekend. I will work with the FIA. It’s not that bad.”

The new race director of Formula 1, Niels Wittich, focused on the topic of jewelry bans for safety reasons at the beginning of the season. In a heated two-hour session a few weeks ago, he had a discussion with the drivers. With a clear opinion from Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton

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