Formula 1 | Glock credits Ferrari with challenger role

Is Ferrari’s dry spell ending in the 2022 Formula 1 season? The Scuderia has been without a win in the premier class for more than two years now, the last one to date was won by Sebastian Vettel in Singapore in 2019. However, TV expert Timo Glock believes that the Reds could turn the tide this year.

“Yes, I think they can do it,” Glock said when asked if Ferrari could fight Red Bull and Mercedes again in 2022. “The driver pairing is very, very well positioned, and I think the performance showed it too. It kept going up,” said Glock.

After the catastrophic year 2020, the Scuderia jumped up from sixth to third place in the World Championship last season, took five podium places and even two pole positions. So the trend is at least going in the right direction. The big question now is how strong the new F1-75 is.

According to Glock, it should definitely not fail because of the drivers. He praises: “They have a very, very strong driver pairing. Carlos Sainz showed it last season, was incredibly strong in the first year, kept putting Charles Leclerc under pressure and ended up placing ahead of him in the World Championship .”

Last year, Sainz was somewhat surprisingly fifth in the World Championship and was able to leave top dog Leclerc behind in the Ferrari duel. In addition, four of the five podium places went to the Spaniard. Glock does not consider it impossible that there could be a heated duel internally in 2022.

In a team, for example, there could “always be friction” if both drivers “ultimately fight for the world championship,” said Glock. It’s about “domination in the team,” he explains, adding: “Then all elbows are extended and then you can be prepared for one or the other problem to arise.”

You saw that in Saudi Arabia in 2021, “where Charles Leclerc didn’t make room directly and Carlos Sainz had to ask over the radio one or the other time because he was significantly faster,” recalls Glock, who also emphasizes: ” I think they’re getting along really well right now.”

Because the common goal is first and foremost to “bring Ferrari back to the top and fight for the World Cup,” reminds Glock, who emphasizes that the Scuderia 2022 “must definitely be on the list”. In return, one would probably gladly accept minor tensions between the drivers.


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