Formula 1 | Franz Tost: “Big Player” still too far away

Team boss Franz Tost does not assume that his AlphaTauri racing team will be able to keep up with the previous top teams in Formula 1 in the near future. The new regulations and above all the budget limit of 140 million dollars offer smaller teams the chance to keep up with the “big players” of the premier class, but that’s not enough for Tost.

Although the budget limit has caught the big teams again and provided a little more equal opportunities, it is still not completely the same, warns Tost. Because he sees other factors such as the wind tunnel or simulation tools as important for success – and Mercedes & Co. are still a bit ahead of the others.

“We still have to work on the infrastructure to optimize everything on this side,” says Tost. “When I see the simulation tools and hear what the top teams have, then we can’t keep up,” said the Austrian.

Because the top teams have been able to invest several millions in their systems in recent years. “We have a good budget, but we’ve never been in a position to spend that much money on simulation tools,” says Tost. “And they are becoming more and more important as we drive less and less on the track.”

But AlphaTauri is currently upgrading in terms of infrastructure: “We bought a new hall and we will build a new factory,” explains Tost. “We’re done in two years and there’s a lot of things we’re doing to put ourselves in a good position. But it’s not just for us, everyone else is doing it too. That’s what Formula 1 is is, a big fight everywhere.”

At the same time, the AlphaTauri team boss also knows that the new regulations, which had to be developed below the budget limit – 145 million dollars in 2021 – offer every team a chance. Nobody knows where he will be in the new balance of power.

“We have no comparison to the others”

“It’s a big unknown because everything is completely new. We have no comparison to the others,” says Tost. Its AlphaTauri team experienced its best Formula 1 season in 2021 with sixth place, but can no longer build on it.

Nevertheless, the two satisfactory years under the new name give reason for hope: “I trust our engineers because they built two good cars,” said the team boss. “The AT01 was already a good car and 2021 was another step forward. Why shouldn’t they be able to make the AT03 very competitive too?”

“But there are also different philosophies from a technological point of view. I just hope that we’re going in the right direction,” he continues. “I don’t know where we’ll end up. But I trust our team. The aero group is doing a very good job and is going in the right direction.”


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