Formula 1 | Ferrari pilloried after strategy disaster: “It happened again”

Bad air at Ferrari! After the strategic blunder at the British Grand Prix, which had serious consequences, the Formula 1 world is once again amazed at the decision-makers at Scuderia, who ruined World Championship candidate Charles Leclerc’s victory at Silverstone. After the race, team boss Mattia Binotto tried to explain the wrong decision.

The way for Charles Leclerc to win the British Grand Prix was actually mapped out. Ferrari should only have brought in its leading World Championship candidate in the safety car phase shortly before the end and fitted it with new soft tires. The Monegasque could have regulated the rest with his speed.

But the Scuderia left their number 1 driver outside and threw him to the lurking pack around Sainz, Pérez and Hamilton.

“We thought we didn’t have enough space between the cars to get them both in. So we had to decide between the first and second car,” said team boss Mattia Binotto after the race, explaining the decision to bring in the eventual winner Sainz and Leclerc at the same time to leave outside on worn tires.

“We chose Carlos because Charles Track was in position. He led the race and stayed in the lead. You never know what the others will do when you come into the pits as the leader,” Binotto was trying to do justify the team’s decision. The team boss also knew that he would not succeed, which is why he openly admitted: “Now in retrospect we know that it was the wrong decision.”

What surprised many fans, experts and also competitors: Why didn’t Ferrari just do a double stop? The speed of the Reds was so good that the competition could easily have been overtaken in the final sprint – especially if Pérez, Hamilton and Co. had not stopped.

Red Bull team boss Horner wonders about Ferrari

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner also asked himself this question. In this context, he spoke to “Sky” of a “strange decision” by Ferrari.

And ex-world champion Jenson Button was also annoyed by the Ferrari bosses, who “stole” a victory from Leclerc for the second time this season.

Button told Sky Sports: “It’s happened again. It’s the same thing as Monaco. I don’t know who made the decision, but she made it [Leclerc] cost the win.”

“RTL” expert Christian Danner agreed with Button unreservedly. He also blamed the Red team management for the missed Leclerc victory. In his eyes, Ferrari even made more than one mistake. You can see what he also accuses Scuderia of in the video above.

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