Formula 1: Ex-race director Masi received death threats

According to his own statements, former Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi received death threats against himself and his family after the highly controversial 2021 season finale.

“There were some dark days,” Australian Masi told News Corp: “I felt like I was the most hated man in the world. I received death threats. People said they were after me and my family .”

Masi was sometimes overwhelmed with negative news and hostilities, especially on social media. “They were shocking,” he said: “Racist, insulting, vile, they abused me in every way they could.”

Masi was heavily criticized on December 12, 2021. In the decisive race for the title, his decisions made it possible for Max Verstappen in the Red Bull to overtake Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. Later, recordings of radio traffic between Masi and the Red Bull command center appeared in connection with this, in which the scenario practiced immediately afterwards by the racing team was described. Mercedes in particular complained loudly about the decisions, as Hamilton lost the world title to Verstappen in the final.

In February, Masi had already been removed from office by the world motorsport association Fia. At that time it was still said that he would be offered a new Fia post. However, both sides have since parted ways. Masi decided to move back to his native Australia “to be closer to his family and to face new challenges”, as he himself said.

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