Formula 1: Ecclestone speculates about Hamilton being kicked out


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Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone made headlines ahead of the British Grand Prix in an interview with the Daily Mail when he was extremely critical of local hero Lewis Hamilton. For the Brit, it may be the toughest Formula 1 season of his career.

“I don’t think Lewis is making an effort and it doesn’t seem to bother him that they’re losing,” Ecclestone said. “So I think Toto [Wolff, Mercedes-Teamchef] fed up a bit.”

“He has a fighting nature but he takes losing a little too easily for my liking,” he added. At the same time he offers Hamilton and the Mercedes team boss a solution to the supposed dilemma.

“Lewis could sell his seat to Toto: ‘That’s how much I get, I’ll resign and give me half of what I would get.’ Toto can then do one of his magic deals and offer someone less money and keep £20m,” explains Ecclestone.

With an estimated annual salary of £40m, Hamilton doesn’t come cheap for Mercedes. Since Toto Wolff is also a shareholder in the Mercedes team and would therefore benefit financially from cost savings himself, this scenario is only logical according to Ecclestone: “Nobody has to tell Toto that, because he has already thought about it himself.”

Ecclestone surprised by Russell

According to the ex-Formula 1 boss, the fact that the seven-time world champion has been at a disadvantage to his team-mate George Russell so far this season is not only due to the great performance of the new Mercedes driver.

“I didn’t think he was that good, but he did an excellent job,” Ecclestone said of Russell. “I’m surprised. Or is it that Lewis is doing a bad job? A little bit of both.”

“I don’t think he’s actively helping George either. I don’t think he’s doing anything and I don’t think he cares too much. He’s not willing to put in the effort to win like he’s always done before has done.”

“This is all absolute nonsense!”

Ecclestone does not accept that Hamilton suffers more from the “bouncing” of the W13: “It’s all absolute nonsense! George is bigger and if it had happened to anyone [Rückenschmerzen]then yes, probably him.”

Speaking about the situation in Azerbaijan, when Hamilton could hardly get out of the car because of the pain, he says: “It was a bit Nigel Mansell. Nigel got out of the car and rubbed his left leg as if he had broken it. The next Moment it would have been his right leg.”

But Ecclestone doesn’t just disagree with Hamilton’s sporty appearance: “I don’t know what he’s always looking for in these strange clothes. Does he have a business with it? Does he want to attract attention with it? Maybe that’s the reason.”


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