Formula 1 drivers promote tolerance

With an emotional video message, the drivers and creators of Formula 1 campaigned for better manners and an end to all kinds of attacks on the track and in social media.

On Saturday morning, a few hours before the third practice session (1 p.m.) and qualifying (4 p.m./both Sky) before the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest, the stars Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Co .directly to the fans.

“Formula 1 is about competition and rivalry, but also about respect. Respect among the competitors, respect for the fans, respect for the entire Formula 1 family. Abuse of any kind is not acceptable, if you are not respectful, there is no place for him in our sport,” said the video, in which all drivers, as well as Formula 1 Managing Director Stefano Domenicali and Mohammed bin Sulayem, President of the World Automobile Association FIA, spoke individually and thus read a joint statement.

Recently there had been bad incidents, especially at the Austrian Grand Prix. Numerous women reported online that they had been running the gauntlet in the stands, which were mostly occupied by men, and that homophobia and racism were also a big problem. These experiences also extended to the huge areas around the track and would have been part of everyday life in Spielberg in recent years. Such incidents did not only occur in Austria.

“We can’t let those who think they can attack others get away with it. It’s our duty to point that out and say ‘stop’. We’re a community and we exclude those who attack others online,” it continued in the video message: “We will not tolerate this in the races either. But we need social media to point this out. Anyone who hides behind the cloak of social media and spreads his insults there is not our fan. We stand together and ask for your support to put an end to it all. In sport and in society.”

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