Formula 1 cancels the kneeling ceremony before the start

No more kneeling together before the Formula 1 race. The premier class cancels the joint ceremony before the start. Deeds instead of signs is the new motto.

F1 is re-modulating its process ahead of the Grands Prix. As Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali confirmed on “Sky”, the joint ceremony of the drivers before the race, in which some kneel as a sign against racism, no longer takes place. This was introduced in 2020 under the old boss Chase Carey.

The “We Race As One” campaign should be continued. The hashtag will continue to appear, and the video against racism will continue to be played. The driver is free to position himself with individual gestures.

Formula 1 boss Domenicali: “We don’t have to do politics”

The ceremony will be canceled from 2022 because it has served its purpose, Domenicali said. “We don’t have to do politics. But I think it’s now about following the signs with action. Now it’s about focusing on the diversity of our community. And that’s the first step.”

F1 said it is investing in training programs for engineers who are underrepresented. The racing teams have also expanded their range of new apprenticeships and internships.

Many drivers have knelt before the start since 2020, taking a stand against racism, paired with shirts like “End Racism” or “Black Lives Matter”. Including the ex-champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.


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