Formula 1 | Bottas as the ideal teammate for a rookie

Guanyu Zhou will contest his first Formula 1 season for Alfa Romeo alongside Valtteri Bottas in 2022. And according to his own statement, he could not have wished for a better teammate. “There is no better option for a rookie than to have Bottas as a teammate in the first season,” Zhou said.

“He’s a very open driver. He shares his information and talks to the team and to me. That’s very helpful,” explains the Chinese, who hopes that Bottas will “help” him find his way in Formula 1. In addition, the ex-Mercedes driver is “a great reference and a very strong teammate.”

“Of all drivers there are only a few who [Lewis] Hamilton can beat in qualifying – and he’s one of them,” explains Zhou, recalling the victories and podiums in Bottas’ previous Formula 1 career. Bottas has won ten victories in the premier class so far, plus a total of 67 podiums.

Only eight drivers have stood on the podium more often than the Finn in the history of Formula 1. “I know that if I want to beat him, I have to work very hard and adapt quickly to the whole of Formula 1 and the new car,” said Zhou, but for the time being it’s not a priority.

In his first Formula 1 season, he initially wanted to set “small goals”. “I don’t know how competitive the car will be next season. We’ll have to wait until the start of the season to get a clear picture,” recalls the Chinese, who is basically aiming for his first championship points first.

At the beginning of his career in the premier class, he did not want to put “too much pressure” on himself and explains: “I want to enjoy driving in Formula 1 and learn from my teammates and the engineers.” His goal is to improve as a driver “in all aspects”.

“If I can do that, then the results will come naturally,” hopes the 22-year-old, who climbed into the premier class as third overall in the past Formula 2 season. Oscar Piastri and Robert Schwarzman, who finished ahead of him in the standings, did not find a Formula 1 cockpit for 2022.


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