Formula 1| After racist insult against Lewis Hamilton

After the racist insults against Lewis Hamilton, former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet faces legal consequences in his home country.

Three Brazilian MPs Aurea Carolina, Taliria Petrone and Vivi Reis have filed an official complaint against Piquet in court.

“Racism must be fought everywhere. Treating black people in a clearly derogatory way, as Mr. Nelson Piquet is doing, stands in the way of establishing equality,” the statement said.

According to the portal “Lance!” the matter is still under investigation. If the complaint is upheld, Piquet faces charges.

Being racist is a serious offense in Brazil. Up to five years imprisonment can be threatened. A racist insult can also lead to imprisonment.

Shortly before the race at Silverstone on July 3, earlier statements by Piquet had appeared in which he had insulted Hamilton as “N*****”. The three-time Formula 1 champion then apologized, but denied a racist background.

More scandal statements surfaced

After his apology, however, further scandalous statements by Piquet appeared. For example, he said of his former rival Keke Rosberg that he was “shitty” and “worthless”, and of Nico Rosberg that he only became world champion in 2016 because Hamilton was “pretty bad” that season and translated to him , took the ass – a clearly homophobic allusion.

After the first racist remarks by the three-time world champion became known, there was still some understanding for Piquet, but his credit seems to have finally been used up.

Piquet’s statements have already had their first consequences. The 69-year-old lost his honorary membership of the British Racing Drivers’ Club and was not welcome at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

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