Former Packers legend reveals harsh truth about Tom Brady and his retirement

Tom Brady made the day that no one wanted to come true National Football League (NFL): His retirement. After a great career with New England Patriots Y Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to hang the helmet permanently.

After making history with the Massachusetts institution and then reaffirmed his star status with those from Florida. However, the time to be with the family and enjoy his post-NFL stage has come, breaking the hearts of thousands of fans.

Given this, one former Green Bay Packers legend He has given his opinion on the matter. Brett Favre dedicated words to the number 12 jersey in his most recent appearance on SirusXM NFL Radio, dropping a hard truth about his career.

Tom Brady (Photo: Kevin C. Cox | Getty Images)

Brett Favre speaks

“What careerwhat a ride he had. I don’t know if in our generation we will see something even similar. Simply I don’t know if anyone wants to play 22 yearsAnd if it does, there’s a lot that can go wrong along that journey.”Favre said.

Tom Brady (Photo: @TomBrady)

“I think about my career and compare it to Tom’s… It’s one thing to play with an injury. Another is to be good enough and consistent enough not to be replaced. That is perhaps even more miraculous than anything else,” she concluded.


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