Forget Tom Brady and the Bucs? Antonio Brown revealed the QB he wants to play with in the NFL

After a fruitful year between Anthony Brown Y Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where they won the Super Bowl LV, the 2021-22 season of the National Football League (NFL) ended in disaster with the relationship split after the recipient left Tom Brady and company in the middle of the penultimate date.

Then the Bucs lost this Sunday in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs 2022 in view of Los Angeles Rams, in one game it ended up being exciting when it looked like a blowout from the Rams. With resentment present, AB came out to mock on social media.

Also, in the midst of everything, he went from beating and defaming Tom Brady, to apologizing and supporting him, expressing that the organization and the coach were to blame for everything. Bruce Aries. A) Yes, completely disconnected from the league or so it seemed, until he spoke again and declared his new favorite destination, with a star quarterback between eyebrows.

The team and QB that Antonio Brown chose

The WR is a free agent and has already picked the quarterback he wants to pass him next season. Brown was on the Podcast I AM AN ATHLETE and revealed: “Lamar Jackson, Action Jackson. Let’s give Lamar Jackson his flowers”he declared.

“Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback. Not just throwing the ball. The dynamics of his style of play, the emotion.”AB said. This could be done, since the same QB of Baltimore Ravens quoted a tweet with this statement with the devil emoji, somehow appreciating the comments.


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