For “The Rock” skin: How to recruit a character?

A Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson skin is currently available in Fortnite. In order to complete the Foundation Challenges, a character must be hired.

For said task, players have to recruit a non-player character (NPC) and travel 1,000 meters together with them. In Fortnite there are currently several characters that can be hired to solve this challenge.

For example, “Agent Jones” randomly appears at one of the seven outposts. “Brainiac” and “Jonesy the First”, on the other hand, can be found at The Joneses.

Galactico is a good choice

“Galactico” can be found on the soccer field by the Tilted Towers, while “Lt. John Llama” can be found in his cabin northeast of Covert Cavern. Also, “The Visitor” can be found near the launch pad east of Sanctuary.

While “Agent Jones” isn’t a good choice for recruiting, as it always appears in a random location, a visit to “Galactico” at the Tilted Towers should be worthwhile. Because in addition to the foundation challenge, a lot of loot can be bagged.

Interaction costs gold

Recruiting a Fortnite character simply involves interacting with the NPC. Gold bars are required to complete the task.

“Galactico” must be paid for with 95 bars. Gold bars can be found anywhere on the map, preferably in houses and chests.


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