Fnatic stays close to leaders Rogue

Fnatic convincingly defeated MAD Lions in the League of Legends LEC, keeping pace with leaders Rogue. The defending champion, on the other hand, slips into midfield.

“I’ve never played with such good top and mid laners in my life,” said Fnatic botlaner Elias “Upset” Lipp in the post-game interview. “It’s great to have two leaders in these roles at the same time. They bring a lot of stability to the game,” said the German e-sportsman.

In the selection phase, MAD chose the new botlane champion Zeri, which had not been used in any region before. That’s where Fnatic got off to a perfect start, though. MAD was still trying to stay in the game with good rotations, but lost the game after losing the Dragon Soul battle.

The team falls further behind the top flight, where Rogue remains undefeated after beating Excel in just 22 minutes. Following is the G2 Esports team who defeated BDS in an action-packed match to stay level on points with Fnatic.


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