Flick doesn’t want “a one-man show” with the DFB team

National coach Hansi Flick emphasized the importance of team spirit on and off the pitch.

“Having a good team around me was also crucial for the commitment to the post of national coach, because it’s not a one-man show,” he told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”.

In addition to team manager Oliver Bierhoff, with whom he has “an extremely trusting relationship”, he emphasized the quality of his assistants Marcus Sorg and Danny Röhl: “This team gives me the security and confidence that we can fulfill this task together,” said flick.

He named the European champions as a positive example of good team spirit. “Italy was a unit where everyone knows what they have to do, where everyone is at the service of the team,” said Flick.

And in the Bundesliga, coaches like Christian Streich, Urs Fischer and Bo Svensson also manage to develop “enthusiasm for the common idea” and thus get “the last five percent” out of their teams.

“If I do something with all my passion and joy, I also do better,” said Flick: “It’s no use if you throw out slogans and you don’t live them.”

At the same time, the national coach relies on the training of individual class, which “could make the decisive difference”. “It’s an important point for us that we train young players with a certain self-confidence,” he said: “We need mature players who take responsibility on the pitch, who coach their team-mates and make them aware of what needs to be done , and always in a positive way.”


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