FIFA 22 | FUT: What actually happens to stolen cards?

The current hack scandal in FIFA 22 claimed prominent victims like Trymacs, who invested thousands of euros in Ultimate Team before the account was hacked and emptied. But what actually happens to the stolen cards?

The consequences of a hack are often as follows: Except for a few coins and non-exchangeable players, the account is empty.

The reason for the hacks is probably the coin black market. Because there the hackers can sell their captured FUT coins.

Hackers who have penetrated a FIFA 22 account usually reject their victims’ cards directly. It is probably often a quick sale below the actual market value.

In order to then transfer the coins to the hacker’s account, there is actually only the option of an overpriced purchase of a relatively worthless player. When the victim then logs back into their account, it is already empty.

Anyone who has been hacked can contact EA Support. It was often possible to get the approximate market value of the FUT cards in coins.

In the case of Trymacs, for example, it was 85 million coins. According to the content creator, he invested over 26,000 euros in FIFA 22.


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