FIFA 22 | FUT: Leak announces Varane’s powerful flashback card

Raphael Varane is one of the most popular central defenders in FIFA 22. According to a leak, the Frenchman will have a TOTY flashback card coming soon.

The TOTY releases have already warmed up and the first maps are making the virtual lawn unsafe. In addition, EA Sports also published flashback cards from former TOTY winners such as Harry Kane.

Now the map of a defensive machine has been leaked. Because Frenchman Raphael Varane has been one of the most sought-after defenders in FUT mode for several years.

Flashback Varane’s detailed stats have been leaked from the FUTSheriff Twitter account. After the entire Team of the Year was a direct hit, it is likely to be an accurate prediction again.

If the card’s stats are correct, then Raphael Varane’s flashback card will contain an 88 speed stat. With 93 points in defense and 90 points in terms of physique, the central defender, who plays in Manchester, has an absolute dream card.

Awarded a 92 overall rating, the FUT card will definitely become a flashback to play until the end of the FIFA 22 season. Whether the majority of the players can afford the French at all is still in the stars.


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